Frequently Asked Questions

What is cost of granite, marble or italian marble for kitchen counterparts ?

The pricing for these materials vary according to the color of choice, edge, finish, the number of sink cutouts, and whether you will have backsplashes or not.

How much does granite weigh ?

A granite slab that is about 114"x67" weighs approximately ½ a ton. One square foot of a 1¼" thick granite slab is about 20 lbs.

Do you have a good collection for granites, marbles and italian marbles at the showroom ?

Absolutely, we have a large selection of remnant pieces of natural and engineered materials. By using remnants, you will be saving money and avoid waste of using a whole entire slab of stone. These remnants can be used for various projects such as vanity tops, fireplace surrounds and hearth, bar tops, and shelves.

Why should I choose the hygienic water closet & hygienic wash basin ?

Because hygienic water closet have super smooth surface , stains free and can safe all the trouble with just a flush.

Will a door closer work on my heavy storm door ?

A traditional screen door closer may not be strong enough. However, they make heavy-duty ones that will work. They also have the advantage of staying open automatically if they are opened all the way. Some newer doors have two closures-one on top and one on bottom.

Where should I install smoke detectors ?

The safest recommendation is to put one in every room, but most people are not willing to do this. The simplest rule is to mount one between the bedrooms and the rest of the house, but closer to the bedrooms. If there is more than one sleeping area, each should have its own alarm. In multi-level homes, install one on each level, and if possible have them interconnected so any one unit will sound the alarm throughout the house. The basement ceiling, near the steps, is a good location for extra protection.

What kind of lights should I put in my new kitchen?

Provide various levels of lighting for the different tasks in the room. For example, recessed lights offer good general lighting. Undercabinet lights will help illuminate food prep areas. Uplights on top of cabinets can add a nice glow to the ceiling area. Add a ceiling fixture or chandelier over the island and perhaps a desk lamp to the kitchen office area.

I have a big bedroom with a bed and a sitting area, but there's still too much floorspace that's empty. Any suggestions ?

You might put a bookcase or armoire in the sitting area so the chairs are brought out into the room a bit further. Also, place a piece of furniture at the end of the bed for function or visual interest.

What can I use on my bed that's different from the usual shams and decorative pillows ?

Many elegant bedrooms are showing bolsters the full width of the bed. These can be any shape, but a cylinder may be most pleasing. Instead of stacking your shams vertically like books in a bookcase, try stacking them horizontally on top of each other, from the largest on the bottom to a smaller decorative pillow at the top.